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There are many things to consider when updating or designing a new outdoor space for your property. Our expert team of Landscape designers are ready to help you realise the full potential of your property and are here to help you with every step of the Journey. We can talk you through all considerations for designing your space by tailoring a design solution that will enhance your lifestyle and home. 


It’s important to of course consider the natural features of your site, such as, slopes, aspect and any significant vegetation, local zoning, overlays and easements. These factors will start to build a picture of the style and size of the pool that will work best for your property. It’s also important to consider the outlook from within your home. 

Even though a larger space means there is more room to work with, having a smaller space doesn’t mean that creating the outdoor pool area of your dreams is out of reach. We can look at your space with a fresh perspective and work with you to develop a solution for even the trickiest of spaces. That’s what our team specialises in, we are passionate about maximising the full potential of your space. Check out our design process here


At Laguna Pools, we think it’s important to carefully consider who the space you’re creating is for. Are you a family with kids? Perhaps pets rule your world! Do you love entertaining? Are you entertainers? Perhaps this is your Is this a holiday home? Will you be using your new pool for fitness or leisure?  

If you’re a family then we suggest designing your pool space with children and safety in mind. Consider the type of fencing that would suit; glass fencing is super slick in the right setting, but is it right for a heavy splash area and lots of little fingerprints? Perhaps steel bar fencing could be a better option. What about shallow beach zones within the pool, they add interest and are excellent for young children and adults alike.  fences, and shallow sections. If you’re an entertainer you may be more likely to want to consider aspects like built-in seating areas and a BBQ area, plenty of grassy open space, and outdoor alfresco options.

Depending on your lifestyle, your interests and hobbies, and the size and demographic of your household this will differ, and at Laguna Pools we want to know your story. By getting to know you, we can collaborate on a bespoke pool design unique to you / (tailored to you perfectly).  

No matter what you have in mind, when creating your space we have the options, experience and vision to guide you, and help you realise your Laguna Pools dream. Take a look at some of our designs here.


Your choice of materials and the overall aesthetic of your space will be dictated by things such as your budget, weather, residents, and the era of your home. We suggest trying to match your new pool aesthetic by referencing the existing features and style of your home to create harmony and flow. Choosing materials such as composite decking, or stone which are durable and require minimal maintenance in the Australian climate will help your space last the test of time, with more time for you to enjoy!  


As you probably know, your budget is one of the most important things you’ll need to consider when it comes to swimming pool design. Your budget will indicate exactly what you’ll be able to achieve, what materials you can work with, what features you can choose and what furniture you can select just to name a few things. In order to define your budget, it’s beneficial to have a Design Plan to work from. At Laguna Pools, we can listen to your needs and develop a Brief, from here we can develop 2D scaled plans, materials specifications and quantities, supplier lists and 3D renders, which will capture your entire space from pool design, to the hardscape and the softscape. These plans can then be used to gain an accurate understanding of the all important budget. 


Constructing a new pool and designing the surrounding space is one of the biggest investments you will likely make. Working with a team of people who you can trust and are industry experts is the best way to ensure your dreams are brought to life perfectly. At Laguna Pools, all our plans are CAD generated using powerful visualisation software allowing you to view your pool and garden design in both 2D and 3D formats. It offers valuable insight into your design, allowing you to be able to  walk through and experience every aspect of your new pool and landscape before it’s even constructed. All of these factors work hand in hand with each other, which is why we think it’s a great idea to draft out a plan so you know exactly what you want, so it’s easy to establish what you need to bring your dream swimming pool designs to your backyard. Find out more about our premium pool design services here and get in contact with us to make your pool design dreams a reality.

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