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Swimming – Become a human metronome  

Outdoor Pools are open in Melbourne! Now that we can take a dip again, we explore the evidence based benefits of swimming with expert health and wellness guru Dave O’Brien. 

“Our lungs have some pretty important responsibilities! Not only do they have to rid our airways of nasty pathogens, but they also have the vital role of allowing red blood cells to pick up the available oxygen in the lungs and return it back to the heart. Whilst this process is taking place carbon dioxide from the deoxygenated blood is expelled via exhalation. We need to understand that when we go through higher periods of stress it can completely impact this gas exchange process. Therefore, it can be really important to prime this function for efficiency. Enter swimming! Swimmers may produce higher amounts of alveoli in the lungs. These alveoli move oxygen between the lungs and the blood. With this we can strengthen the diaphragm and in turn become better at utilising oxygen during highly stressful periods.

Poor blood flow poses some serious health risks. This can range from cardiovascular issues such as heart attack, stroke and kidney damage. Encouraging better circulation around the body not only helps to transport more oxygen, it enables us to utilise nutrients better and also allows us to mobilise fat more effectively (better at fat burning). Swimming entails complexity, meaning it can be great for our brain (develop motor skills). Yet this complexity gets us moving through all aspects of our body, from the ankle joint all the way through to the neck and wrists.

With this movement we encourage more vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels), and the above benefits of circulation kick into full swing! Swimming might not always be our number one go to when it comes to exercise, I believe this comes down to fact that it’s hard work. Like most things that require hard work though, there tends to be rich rewards! To enhance these benefits, you could decrease the temperature of the pool your swimming in, which would provide some nice cold therapy for the brain.”

A huge part of the Laguna Pools ethos is prioritising our own health and fitness. You can now shop from a curated collection of fitness items will get you achieving all your health and fitness goals. 

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