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Pool Type: Recreational Pool & Spa
Pool Size: 6.8 x 5m
Laguna Design & Build

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Laguna Design

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The Pool Tile Company
White Ceramic 48mm
Tripoli Glass Mosaic



About the project

Located within the unique confines of a Camberwell property, this Laguna-designed landscape and teardrop pool transform an ordinary front yard into a captivating private retreat. The pool, with its elegant, custom-designed curves and white ceramic tiles, creates a striking contrast with the blue waters against Bisazza Tripoli black spa accents. This exemplifies Laguna’s signature blend of creativity and craftsmanship. Surrounding the pool, the meticulously planned garden features exquisite pockets of intrigue, enhancing the property’s landscape and embodying a seamless blend of design and functionality.

The challenge presented by the clients was to transform their uniquely shaped block into a secluded sanctuary that would serve as a daily retreat and also enhance the visual appeal of their new home. Beckoning from the home’s driveway, the custom landscape transitions through a secluded entryway to an entertainment area under a metal arbour, adjacent to the pool and a landscape adorned with textural foliage and delicate flowers, ensuring privacy, shade, and beauty.

Initially planned as a traditional rectangular pool, Laguna’s design team re-envisioned the concept to suit the layout of the front garden. Adopting a theme of curvature, we crafted a custom pool and spill-over spa that align seamlessly with each other, preserving essential play areas for children while integrating the pool area into a cohesive garden of distinction. This strategic design approach not only maximised the use of space but also aligned with the family’s lifestyle, resulting in a striking, low-maintenance outdoor area.

The complexity of the project lay in its distinctive curvature theme, permeating every aspect from fence panelling to intricately layered pavers and pool tiles, requiring exceptional precision and bespoke fabrication. The pool’s unique teardrop shape, measuring approximately 6.8 x 5 metres, and the over 3-metre diameter raised spa, showcase Laguna’s dedication to customised design and construction.

This project by Laguna not only meets the unique demands of the site’s shape but also stands as a testament to the ability to blend originality, functionality, and beauty in pool design, setting a new standard for luxury outdoor living.

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