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This month we hear from one of our busy Project Coordinators, Tiana, about her favourite pool tile and her role in guiding our clients on their tile choice for their new Laguna Pool.

Tiana Says – “In my opinion, one of the most versatile tile choices being made by my clients at Laguna Pools are ‘Jade Green’ tiles by Klay as seen in our Brighton East project.  I have seen them complement so many different styles of homes and landscaped gardens.

I have clients with a preference for natural, earthy-toned colour palettes who choose to have the pool as the WOW factor. I also have clients who have red brick walled pool surrounds and I love how the ‘Jade Green’ contrasts the brick. They just work in so many different backyards.

Personally, the Jade Green Tile takes me back to the hotel I stayed at in Cambodia a few years ago. The jade green pool was surrounded by natural stones, grass and a range of lush green trees and plants. It was tranquil, calm and inviting and we have been able to replicate this vibe for many stunning Laguna Pools around Melbourne”.

T’s hot tips for choosing a tile:

1. Find as much inspiration as possible. Whether it’s the Laguna Pools Instagram page, Pinterest, a friend’s pool, or something you have seen on your travels. Imagery really helps to communicate the look you’re after, so we can help choose the right tile for your project.

2. Choose pool water colours over tile colours. Tiles once submerged under water will do some crazy things, reflecting different amounts of light at different times of the day. No, we aren’t magicians, but tiles will appear different depending on the depth of your pool and the weather. Fun fact: the majority of my clients who have chosen ‘Jade Green’ tiles were not huge fans of the tile sample on its own. They fell in love with the tile once I had shown them photos of our completed pools in Jade Green.

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