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Climate Care Certification

Laguna Is Climate Care Certified

Proudly Climate Care Certified through Australia’s peak industry body, SPASA, Laguna is the first Victorian Pool Builder to achieve this accreditation.

Every Climate Care Certified pool installed by Laguna features state-of-the-art inclusions and is designed with the environment in mind. 

Expertly combining the latest filtration systems, mineral swim technology, solar heating solutions, LED lighting and more, our pools deliver exceptional energy efficiency and long-term sustainability.

Not only does this make them more efficient, but they also require less maintenance due to their ability to self-clean and self-test. This delivers the added benefit of being safer and more hygienic than non-Climate Care Certified pools, ensuring you can enjoy your pool at its best year round.

What is Climate Care Certification?

Achieving Climate Care Certification (CCC) means Laguna has met the rigorous standards set by the  Swimming Pool & Spa Association Of Australia (SPASA) for environmentally sustainable pool design and construction. 

This means we have met stringent benchmarks for:

  • Water efficiency/sustainability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Noise reduction measures
  • Environmentally sustainable designs
  • Efficiency/sustainability innovations

Additionally, a va
riety of other factors are judged and evaluated by an independent and impartial panel of experts before this certification is granted.

Our customers and Australians generally, are becoming increasingly concerned with environmental sustainability and are actively seeking ways to reduce their footprint.

By being Climate Care Certified, we provide our customers with the peace of mind that their new pool is contributing to a more positive and sustainable lifestyle. Something that we as a business, and as individuals, also value.

Additionally, by reducing the environmental impact associated with your pool installation, you also stand to save financially in both the short and long term. This is possible through the measurable reduction in energy consumption and retention of thousands of litres of water each year.

Achieving the perfect blend of sustainability and elegance, our pools comply with all of the requirements of the Climate Care Certified program, and include state-of-the-art swimming pool equipment, water treatment systems and optimal thermal, hydraulic and energy efficiencies. 

No, there is no industry requirement stipulating participation in the Climate Care Certification program.

Industry pioneers, Laguna is currently the only pool builder that has achieved certification and was the first to do so in Victoria.

Our pursuit of Climate Care Certification is reflective of our desire to operate in a manner that is both sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Through attaining this accreditation we have clearly demonstrated that adopting this approach does not require compromising on aesthetics or functionality - but instead, creates an even more luxurious. easy-care and exceptional end result.

Future-Proof Your Pool With Laguna

Investing in a Climate Care Certified pool with Laguna ensures compliance with all current regulations, standards, licences and codes for environmental sustainability. 

Leaders in our field, we’re dedicated to continually innovating in this space to guarantee our customers premium outcomes that perfectly pair beauty with operational excellence. This ensures their pool will function at its best both now, and into the future.

Climate Care Certified projects

At Laguna, we seamlessly blend innovation with eco-friendly practices in each of our Climate Care Certified pools. Explore these standout projects that exemplify our commitment to sustainable luxury, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and environmental responsibility.

Pitched roof pool house and Laguna infinity recreational pool with sunbather lounges in view and grass in the foreground.
Play Video about Pitched roof pool house and Laguna infinity recreational pool with sunbather lounges in view and grass in the foreground.

Eco-delight amongst the vines in Wallington

The ultimate in design – this Laguna pool presents superior craftsmanship, set amidst the heart of a pool house amongst the vines. This custom 12 x 5.5-metre recreational pool boasts a full perimeter wet deck knife edge, complemented by a bespoke full-width stepped swim zone entry with expansive beached area. Each detail of this precisely crafted pool reflects the superior skill and decades of technical expertise that the Laguna team brings to every project.

Luxury infinity pool and spa with black glass mosaic tiles by Laguna
Play Video about Luxury infinity pool and spa with black glass mosaic tiles by Laguna

An Eco-Luxe wonder in Ivanhoe East

Set against the expansive Ivanhoe East backdrop, this Laguna pool, encased in bold, black Bisazza tiles along its full-perimeter wet-deck knife-edge and raised spa, is a reflection of high quality craftsmanship. It merges sustainability with luxury, standing as a masterpiece of design elegance and environmental responsibility. This pool is not just a feature, but the heart of an entertainer’s paradise, reflecting Laguna’s commitment to excellence and innovation in every detail.

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