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Our resident health and wellbeing guru Dave O’Brien is in the house this month, to talk about all things gut health. Dave is here to tell us everything we need to know on the topic!

Dave OBrien –

There are two major parts of our immune system. One is the initial response and first line of defense, called the innate immune system, and the other is the secondary line of defense, the acquired immune system.

The lining of our gut is a key feature of the innate immune system and is therefore a major player in making sure we have a strong immune system.

The biggest protective physical barrier within the body is actually the connective tissue that makes up the lining of our gut! Did you know it can stretch for 240-300 metres? That’s the size of 10 tennis courts!

This connective tissue is similar to that of cartilage, bone, muscles, tendons and ligaments- these are all connective tissues! The question needs to be asked then, can you damage muscle? Of course! Can you deteriorate bone? Only need to look at the elderly to understand that. So, if all this connective tissue can be damaged, can we damage the lining of our gut? You beat ya!

This lining is what comes in contact with viruses and bacteria (good and bad). It is so important that aspects like brain chemicals, hormones and detoxification all depend on it. If your gut lining is damaged it can completely change how your body processes even good food compounds!

So, how can I start to boost my immune system and get my body functioning better? Look after your gut lining! Give it the nourishment it requires through slow-cooked meats (bone broth, gelatin and bone marrow), which have the key amino acids needed for healing. Use key micro-nutrients like vitamin B6 (P-5-P), Zinc L-Carnosine and vitamin C. Organic goat’s colostrum Is said  to heal the lining of your gut and reduce the inflammatory load on your body too. Ice baths also do the trick!

By truly addressing any hormonal and digestive ailments within the body you can repair the powerhouse that is your gut and your immune system will be ready to tackle anything.

What next?

Dave has developed an innovative program called “The Gut Repair”, which invites you to take control of the key areas of effective gut health restoration, through food, supplementation, nutrition, training and metacognition- check it out!

Find out more about Gut Health and Dave’s Gut Repair program.


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