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Pool Type: Recreational Pool & Spa
Pool Size: 14 x 4.3m

Price Range



Home Builder



Glass VTC 20.56



About the project

Amidst the tranquil ambience of Kew, this residence boasts a sophisticated Laguna pool of grand proportions and a serene circular spa, set within expansive gardens. This remarkable project, part of the modern extension of a charming brick home, is a testament to the expertise, skill, creativity and professionalism of Laguna and our partners at Rob Mills Architecture and Spence Construction.

The pool itself integrates seamlessly into the newly designed entertainment and outdoor area, creating a captivating centrepiece. Featuring a luxurious stepped entry, exquisite glass Bisazza tiles and a champagne shelf spanning it’s entire 14-metre length, this Laguna pool offers a haven of relaxation. A feature of this design is the thoughtful separation of the circular 2.7-metre spa from the pool, creating an exclusive area for adult relaxation, while children enjoy their play space.

Every detail of this project was meticulously planned. From the glass Bisazza tiles that add a unique glisten, to the natural stone pavers that extend into the alfresco area and merge with the indoor living spaces, each element works in perfect harmony.

This pool is a seamless integration of design brilliance and the construction expertise of the Laguna team, enhancing the space’s character and practicality.

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