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Welcome to ‘Laguna Lifestyle’.

What an eventful few weeks we have had at Laguna HQ. A couple of new faces on board the team and some exciting new projects we can’t wait to share with you. As events and restrictions in Melbourne develop we continue to adapt and adhere to all current safety requirements.

You may have noticed our absence on Instagram over the past couple of weeks, unfortunately we have been the latest victim of a cyber attack but, fear not! We will be back with plenty of content and new projects very soon. In the mean time, please continue to follow us on Facebook.

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S H O R E H A M – This coastal location on the Mornington Peninsula is now home to a breathtaking Laguna Pool and Spa. As part of a rear-property makeover, the swimming pool design is considerate of its surroundings and perfectly proportioned within the property. As the backyard slopes away from the stunning family home, the pool holds maximum visual impact and is especially impressive when uplit in the evening.
Given our clients’ expanding family needs, function and size were critical to cater for all occasions, and so a practical outdoor living area was an essential aspect of the swimming pool design.

Clever use of levels, the infinity edge and balance tank have created a synergy that exists between the swimming pool and coastal surrounds. The dark pool tile is an inspired choice creating an impressive contrast and dramatic shadowing below the towering Eucalyptus.
Another lucky family now living The Laguna Lifestyle.

Designer: COS Design
Landscape Build: NM Landscape Construction


F O R M A T  G R O U P – This month we introduce you to Paul Jones and his Melbourne-based construction business, Format Group. Combining extensive experience in residential and commercial construction, with a respect for great architecture and enduring design, Paul and his business partner, Rob Finney, are known for delivering period homes with contemporary detail. 

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L A G U N A  P U L S E – At Laguna Pools we take pride in having one of the most positive company cultures in the industry. Part of creating this positive culture is by supporting the health and wellbeing of our staff. We do this using ‘Laguna Pulse’.n

Laguna Pulse is a program that aims to maintain and monitor high performance by helping our staff get the best out of their lives. This is achieved by creating a profile on each team member. With regular, supportive meetings, a broad range of performance indicators and intrinsic motivators, we strive to develop our team both professionally and personally.

This instills an improved sense of overall health and wellbeing, and ensures every team member is receiving the support they need to thrive as part of a high performing team. And the result? The quality construction of innovative, custom-designed, concrete Laguna Pools.


H E A L T H  &  W E L L B E I N G – Now more than ever, our health and wellbeing is front and centre. We’re not getting out and about in the fresh air as often, and our normal activities to keep us fit and healthy have been restricted, so we need to think outside the square!

If you are looking for simple ways to boost your immune system, check out these 45 quick and easy recipes from

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E N H A N C I N G  L I F E S T Y L E S – We are all about enhancing lifestyles here at Laguna Pools, and so healthy, purified water for your pool is an absolute must not only for the longevity of your Laguna Pool, but for your all round health and wellbeing.

Mineral Swim by Maytronics is the ultimate product for your pool that recreates the relaxing, natural pool experience that people have enjoyed for thousands of years at the Dead Sea. The Mineral Swim System combines the benefits of magnesium-rich Dead Sea minerals with the natural ozone-to-oxygen purification process, replacing the use of harsh chemicals in your pool. Mineral Swim is ideal for general skin hydration, muscle recovery and extremely helpful for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, it will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and looking fabulous. Contact us to talk about adding Mineral Swim to your Laguna Pool today.

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