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Welcome to the merry month of May! The perfect time of year to focus on your total health, performance and wellbeing. We call it The Laguna Lifestyle. We too make this our focus as we brace for our busiest time of year: commencing the countdown for those clients who would like to have their new pool up and running before the warmer weather arrives.
We hope this edition of Laguna Lifestyle finds you safe and well, especially those Mums who were able to be with their loved ones on Mothers’ Day.

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The opportunity to bring this unique and challenging design to life was one of immense satisfaction. The client’s desire for something special was realised through a strong connection between design intent and a commitment to execute the finest in swimming pool construction. With an appetizing degree of complexity, the only way to achieve this stunning pool and spa was to have complete understanding of Why? And How? The Why, was to provide this empty rear yard with a functional yet eye-catching masterpiece that showed off the opulence that this home craved. The How, was through meticulous and dedicated workmanship from all involved.

The clients and the designer challenged us to provide something different. So, from the custom blend glass Bisazza tiles, to the complimenting curves, colours and varying layers, this pool and spa give them resort-style relaxation and useability, while providing a luxurious and eye-popping feature that is sure to WOW anyone who experiences it. Technical hydraulics, skillful finishes and absolute customisation are quality features that compliment this project.

We are proud to have been involved. The vision has been realised and the result is undoubtedly stunning.
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Tell us about Whyte Gardens?
Whyte Gardens has a simple aim: “To create places of living architecture where communities can have a soulful connection” – for over 25 years I have been intimately involved with clients creating aesthetic surroundings that are a joy to spend time in. Our design team nurtures the client’s aspirations and enhances them with the final outcome of a place to admire. Our landscape crew then apply their craft to build it.

What was the driving factor in you becoming a landscape designer?
When I first began landscaping many years ago, I became aware of what could be improved. This first observation leads to the obvious solution: to design what works.

What is it about Whyte Gardens that sets you apart from others?
All collaboration between a designer and client has to be built on a foundation that is made of:- “Listen, suggest, evolve, guide, present” – I asked a client many years ago what she felt was the answer to this question and her response was instant, “you listen”. When I asked her to elaborate, she said, “we had other designers come to see us and when we said we didn’t like things in their suggestion they tried to force the issue. But with you, you simply offered a different suggestion” – I believe working with clients is in part ‘counselling’ them. You have to invade their privacy with questions. Then, on occasion, you have to offer a conflicting view without making them feel uncomfortable, and you have to be able to extract ideas that perhaps the client wasn’t aware they had views on.

What does a day in the life of a designer typically look like?
It is part assembly, where you draw what is obvious. Then there is the creative side, art if you will: all art is about bringing to life what does not yet exist. And so, part of the day is being in your own mind pondering, or imagining being in the mind of the client and those who will share time in the new garden. You try to imagine how the ideas you have will make a difference, how they will be seen and used, how it will make others feel and connect to one another. And then there is the client exchange where you are challenged to get across the concept you have created and why it will work.

What typically is involved in the client/ designer relationship?
That is best summed up in our core values: “In our connection with others we should inspire others to overcome hurdles and to share our desires.”
We believe people need a helping hand to guide them through difficult or challenging aspects of life. To be supportive of others is what connects us closer together. We all need people in life that are a rock. Loyalty is that rock, and with that, others can walk firm ground knowing another is there for them always.
Being agreeable is only useful when being honest. Honesty means sometimes saying uncomfortable things to help them. Lies hide growth, yet honesty allows truth to reveal itself and help a true path for others.
All worthwhile endeavours meet challenges that could prevent the endeavours occurring, and so commitment is the fuel to overcome what might have been the end of a dream. When you are reliable others can predict future events knowing what to expect of you. Reliability is the road.

In your opinion what are the key elements to great design?
Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you first and foremost must create a place that resonates with the desires of the client, ignoring ‘rules’. Second, apply basic principles such as keeping in harmony with house, e.g. don’t design a coastal garden for a French Provincial house. Incorporate balance and contrast, site lines, etc. A great garden has to achieve ‘purpose’. By this we mean, “what is the intended use?” For most people, the purpose is as stated in our simple aim as shared with you in reply to your first question.

What’s a common mistake people can make when designing their gardens/landscaping?
Not considering all aspects and incorrect sequence. I see clients who have put limitations on the design with a basic idea like, IT IS GOING TO BE TOO EXPENSIVE. While we acknowledge budget is a major concern to be navigated, if this idea is used at the start, the creativity is squashed and no good design will result. The sequence is brain dump ideas of things you need and want; include aspiring ideas that may never be included but allow them to enter the ring right now; then look at what can be achieved physically with space and discard that which will not fit; mould the space so various rooms have proportion; do some sums and see what the budget will be, and if required, plan more economical ways to achieve the ideal; evolve the design further in light of new information; complete the design with the result of a winning smile from the client! Then with landscaping, only engage those who have the technical expertise to build it. Don’t try to project-manage a complex landscape as a client. You cannot replace experience with data you google. Experience is hard-won and of immense value. Seek advice from those who clearly know their trade.
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As beautiful as Autumn is, we all know that as the leaves drop from trees it can create more maintenance for your swimming pool. Sunbather’s range of pool covers are designed not only to keep leaves and debris out of your pool but to also retain heat during the colder months. 

Pool covers are available in many custom shapes, colours and sizes, from manual to automatic. They are designed to retain heat in your swimming pool, reduce water evaporation, reduce chemical usage and of course, to provide you with less maintenance and more time to enjoy your pool.

Contact the team at Laguna to discuss the different covers available and how they can benefit your swimming pool.
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Want a crowd pleasing, hearty meal you can ignore on the stove, or in the oven, for a couple of hours? Here you go!


  • 8 lamb shanks
  • Plain flour, for dusting
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 1 brown onion, diced
  • 2 small carrots, diced
  • 3 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 1 cup of red wine
  • 1 litre beef stock
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 sprigs rosemary
  • 2 tablespoons of tomato paste
  • 1 tablespoon of casters sugar, sea salt and cracked black pepper


  • Preheat oven to 180C. Dust the lamb shanks with flour.
  • Heat 2 tbsp of the oil in a large frypan over high heat.
  • Cook the lamb in batches for 2-3 minutes on each side until golden brown. Place in a baking dish.
  • Add the remaining oil to the pan with the onion, carrots and garlic. Cook for 3-4 minutes or until browned.
  • Add the wine and cook for 2mins or until reduced by half.
  • Add the stock water, rosemary, tomato paste, sugar, salt and pepper.
  • Stir to combine and pour over the lamb.
  • Cover with foil and cook in the oven for 2 hours.
  • Remove foil and cook for a further 30mins.
  • Serve with mash or shred the meat for a pie filling.

We all know that keeping active isn’t only about the body, it’s equally beneficial for your mind. What better way to start, or end your day working from home, than to join an online group training session? At-home workouts should be available to everyone, and inclusive of all fitness levels. They should be motivating and an enjoyable escape from iso life, ensuring you thrive, not just survive.

Katie Janz (BEXSc) is a health and wellness coach and owner of Reachurpotential. She has worked in the fitness industry for over a decade and her passion comes from an exercise physiology background. Katie’s online sessions focus on compound movements, so you’re not only getting a great cardiovascular workout but you’re also burning more calories. 

Through a pumping shared Spotify playlist, Katie pulls her clients into a different mindset and creates a connection with the group, even though physically everyone is suburbs apart. The energy she creates is hugely motivating and contagious. 

Katie runs 9 sessions every week, choose from ‘Body Blitz’ or ‘Booty with Bands’ and your first online workout is free. $30 per week for unlimited online classes is a great way to live the Laguna Lifestyle.
Head to to sign up today!

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