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We chatted with Melbourne based Co-founder & Creative Director of JAGGADMichelle Greene about all this poolside and outdoor living. Read below to find out Michelle’s summer favourites!

1. What are your favourite childhood memories involving water/the pool?
I’ve always loved summer, it is a season that evokes such happy feelings and holiday vibes. I’m an Aquarian so having a summer birthday I had lots of pool parties growing up. Some of my fondest memories are travelling with my family to warm destinations, we went to Fiji often when I was younger and would spend countless hours at the beach or in the pool doing somersaults, dives and hand stand competitions until we were waterlogged. We still have family holidays there and now with my parents and my brother with his family but it’s the next generation doing those things.

2. What is your favourite Summer activity?
I love outdoor catch ups with friends by the pool in summer, playing classic catches in the pool with the kids, or laying in the sun with some relaxing tunes playing.

3. What is your absolute must-have poolside accessory?
A giant inflatable to laze on like my Glitter Lilo from the guys at Laguna Pools! And SPF of course.

4. Which book or magazine will you be reading by the pool this Summer?
I often find during the year I don’t have time to settle in to a good book so I always love to read by the pool during the holidays. I will be reading “All our Shimmering Skies” by Trent Dalton as I seem to be the only person not to have read it during lockdown… Then I will need some recommendations.

5. What will you be doing outdoors this Summer to keep fit?
I try and do something active every day even if it’s not a set structured exercise. I definitely do a lot more walking in summer and the kids are old enough to walk further now so often we will be out for a couple of hours walking, we love our family beach walks and on weekends stop for Ice-cream when the ice cream truck is there. I also love yoga, pilates and go for a short run 1-2 times a week.

6. What is your favourite healthy poolside snack?
Icy cold watermelon is the most refreshing poolside snack, I also live on corn chips and guacamole (sometimes with a margarita!) by the pool, and I love drinking whole coconuts too, they are so refreshing and hydrating.

7. How will your kids be entertaining themselves in the pool this Summer?
We will be having lots of fun on our inflatables from Laguna Pools. Leila (ten) will be making up swim routines and counting how many somersaults she can do in a row. Beau (thirteen) will be trying to make the biggest splash he can, and playing classic catches.

8. What are your aspirations for 2021, besides more pool time?
In 2021 I would like to live more in the moment, try a new activity, get out of bed earlier, and always yes to more pool time 🙂

Thanks for the chat Michelle!

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