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Landscape Design


At Laguna, we live and breathe design. It’s not just about creating impressive pools and spaces, but about redefining the way our clients live. Our true passion lies in the conceptualisation of pools and landscapes in and around Melbourne that unlock the full potential of the surrounding environment. We prioritise not only aesthetics, but also functionality and usability, to craft a private sanctuary tailored uniquely to its residents.

Ordinary has no place here. Our highly-skilled, in-house design team takes the time to understand your vision, requirements and needs, ensuring what we create is entirely unique and customised for you and your outdoor living space. 

When it comes to bringing these landscape designs to life, we collaborate with trusted suppliers who will handle the landscape build, allowing us to focus our expertise on perfecting the pool construction.

Why Use Laguna Design

Our landscape designs go beyond the visual; they always ensure a harmonious connection between your residence and the surrounding environment, with a pool serving as the stunning and impressive focal point to the overall aesthetic. There is no rinse-and-repeat process with any of our outdoor living designs.

Our design experts hand-select materials and plants, always with a thorough understanding of the context. Whether it’s capitalising on a breathtaking seaside view, maximising limited space, or echoing the natural landscape through material choices, every detail is thoughtfully considered.

Aerial view of a Laguna tear drop pool and spa design and landscape in Camberwell, within a perfectly landscaped garden with a heritage brick house in the background.

Laguna Guarantees

Upfront Quotes
Concept to completion
Free design consultation
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Your perfect pool and landscape design begins with a quick, obligation-free chat with one of our friendly Laguna team members. 

We’re here to help you transform your outdoor living area into a space that you could never have imagined for your property. From your first enquiry with us, we promise passion, commitment and precision in delivering unique design thinking that blends form and function effortlessly.

Once your customised Laguna landscape design is approved, we’ll work with you on finding a trusted supplier that you can work with to build your new landscape, so we can focus on perfecting the construction of your new Laguna pool.

Upon receipt of your enquiry, one of our friendly sales team members will contact you for a chat about your project.

To ensure we understand your current vision for the property we will ask you a number of questions, including:

- Site details including approx. pool / spa size, access, easements and overlays.

- Aesthetic preferences and surrounding landscape requirements including plants to retain or replace.

- Lighting requirements

- Whether you’d like a pool and/or spa included in the design and your preference for size and usage preferences

We will then issue you with a personalised design proposal.

Once you have chosen a landscape design package, we will schedule a site visit of your property. During this meeting, we will discuss your project in more detail, and meet with your architect, designer and/or home builder if required.

Following your site visit, we will present you with your customised landscape design. Here we will walk you through your design using 2D masterplans and 3D renders. No matter how complicated the project, we understand the detail and context, and execute accordingly.

We encourage you review your design and provide us with your feedback. We will go through a number of changes and refinements until you are happy with your design. Here we will create 3D animated fly-throughs and renders prior to sign off to ensure you’re happy with the design.

Once you’re happy with your landscape design, we will provide you with your finalised documentation, along with a quote for your pool build (if applicable), obtain any relevant permits and recommend one of our trusted landscape partners.

The construction of your pool will commence, and your chosen landscape partner will start the build process.


Give us a call or book your complimentary design consultation with us today. We can help bring your vision to life.

Landscape Design Documentation Inclusions

Uniquely crafted Laguna landscape and pool design concept personally presented to you.

Scaled representation and birds-eye view of your Laguna landscape and pool design.

Realistic computer-generated images and video fly-throughs of your landscape and pool design, allowing you to explore your new space virtually.

Technical documents including dimensions and layout, structural engineering, electrical and safety plans.

Our design concepts specify lighting and materials for your pool and landscape.

Complimentary quote for the construction of your bespoke Laguna pool, and collaboration with your chosen builders 

2D Masterplans

3D Images

3D Fly-Through Videos

A stunning walk-through of a unique Laguna landscape and pool design in Rye – a beautiful bayside suburb on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Custom created Laguna landscape and pool design in the leafy suburb of Camberwell, Victoria. 

An incredible Laguna landscape and pool design on a property in Doreen, in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. 

Laguna landscape and pool design in Yarck – a town in the upper Goulburn Valley region of Victoria, Australia.

Before & After

DTR 1_9 - PhotoLaguna-Pools-Batesford-Project__14

Our most popular landscape design projects

From coastal luxury through to metro-chic, our award-winning design projects across Melbourne and surrounds, transform outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes. Explore our portfolio of landscape design projects that reflect our commitment to redefining luxury.

Interested in Pool Construction?

Get the pool you've been dreaming of. At Laguna, we design and build custom pools to your exact specification, ensuring every detail meets your unique requirements. 

Reviews from our beloved clients

“From the initial contact we had with the entire team at Laguna, right through to completion of our pool, we could not have been happier with the quality of service and product. Attention to detail, building to requirements and understanding that everyone has a budget was really important to us. Laguna Pools worked with us through the entire process to ensure our family has a beautiful, high-quality pool to complement our new family home. We would highly recommend anyone thinking of installing a new pool to get in touch with the team at Laguna."

Steve & Katrina Clients, Shoreham

“We have been using Laguna to build cutting edge pools and spas on our award-winning projects for a number of years now, and we have always been impressed with every level of their entire process. From their customer service, their efficient and sound construction practices through to their commitment to deliver the finest detail, the entire team at Laguna is one we love to work with, recommend and look forward to building an even better portfolio of work with.”

Steve Taylor Managing Director, COS Design

“I love working with Laguna! I have worked with their team on many high-end projects, and their fastidious, hands-on approach, ensures the design and building process is seamless and stress free. Laguna achieves amazing results for their clients, where the end-result is always beautiful. I look forward to working together in the future.”

Heath Blair Director, Plume Studio

“My wife Bec and I are heading into the second phase of the planning process with Laguna, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. Laguna has been thoroughly professional and have won our confidence through their thoughtful response to the brief we provided. The initial design documentation was of the highest quality and made it easy for us to fine tune and discuss alternatives. We can’t wait to see the final!”

Michael & Bec Clients, South Yarra

“The whole idea of building a pool, we found somewhat daunting. Then you start buying pool magazines thinking it’s going to help you with what you think you may want but it really just confused us more. So after looking at websites of pool builders, we decided on Laguna, and it’s been one of the best decisions we have made. We emailed Laguna, and decided to go with an actual concept and drawings so we could see what the end result was going to look like has been a blessing. Matt has been with us all the whole journey. He visited us at the property, he threw some ideas around and we gave our wish list. Like any wish list you really don’t expect to get them all, but Matt has made them all happen. Matt has made our journey from what we thought was daunting to seamless.”

Carlo and Sue Laguna clients

"We were blown away by the 3D concept renders for our new backyard! The designers at Laguna have thought of everything, from entertaining space, appropriate planting, an outdoor fireplace and access from the house, not to mention a seriously impressive pool design that we cannot wait to start building. Thank you Laguna!"

Shaun and Claire Laguna clients

"We built our pool with Laguna in 2001. When we started the process with Laguna, Glenn strongly recommended a landscape design for our pool and yard. Glenn assured us that designing a liveable yard is just as important as a design for a beautiful liveable house. I was of the opinion that a “pool is a pool…just dig a hole?” I was wrong, and we were so glad to have the plans complete, not only providing new fresh ideas that had no envisioned, including space for a car, lawn, BBQ and entertaining. The trees in the design were chosen to screen neighbouring houses for privacy in an inner-city suburb, as well as much needed shade in summer. The value that this design has added to the outcome of ‘getting a pool’ has really outweighed the cost. Thanks again Laguna for all the advice and work you put in. We couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful yard.”

Laguna Clients Clifton Hill

"Having a broad understanding of the complexities of high-end residential construction ensures Laguna make informed decisions when assessing the design requirements for any new project. They are a company that complements our range of designs and are able to deliver a product of outstanding quality, which is the reason we continue to recommend and engage Laguna."

Greg Thompson Russell Barrett Architects

Frequently asked questions

We know that there’s a lot to understand about the pool and landscape design process. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to assist you with any queries you may have. If you need further information, please feel free to reach out to our Laguna design team – we’re here to assist you at every step of your journey.

Pool and landscape design is the process of planning and arranging outdoor spaces for aesthetic, functional, and environmental purposes. It involves the thoughtful placement of elements like plants, hardscapes, and other features to create an appealing and functional outdoor area. Luxury landscape architecture design enhances the beauty of your Melbourne or Victorian property and complements your lifestyle. It may or may not include a stunning Laguna pool.

The process involves an initial consultation with an experienced Laguna team member to discuss your goals and vision for your property, followed by a site analysis to assess the existing conditions of your outdoor space.

Our in-house pool and landscape designers will then create a custom landscape plan, which may or may not include a stunning Laguna pool as the focal point. Your landscape plans will include concept sketches, plant lists, and detailed drawings. You will also get to walk through your newly designed space virtually with 3D computer generated imagery and video fly-through animations, before moving ahead with construction.

Once your plans are finalised, we will work with your trusted landscape partner to construct your new outdoor space, while we focus on perfecting the build of your new Laguna pool if you have chosen to include one in your design.

If you're seeking inspiration, our pool and landscape projects page is a valuable resource for pool and landscape design concepts . Take some time to peruse through our extensive portfolio of past projects from across Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, Bayside, and regional Victoria. You will see some incredible collaborations with some of Melbourne’s best architects and designers. Shortlist the projects that resonate with you and feel free to reach out for a friendly and easy initial conversation. Our friendly team is always ready to guide you at any phase of your design journey.

Absolutely! Your landscape design can be a true reflection of your unique style and personal preferences. Whether you envision formal gardens exuding elegance, the clean lines of modern minimalism, the charm of cottage gardens, or the natural beauty of Australian landscapes, our team at Laguna and specialist in-house designers, can turn your vision into reality. We have the expertise and creativity to bring any style or theme to life, ensuring your outdoor space is a perfect match for your aesthetic tastes and lifestyle.

Sustainable landscape design is centred around conserving resources, minimising waste, and fostering an eco-friendly environment. Our dedicated team of landscape designers works closely with you to understand your preferences for sustainability. They will suggest a blend of hard and softscapes that not only reflect your preferences but also incorporate sustainable practices. This can involve utilising native plants, efficient irrigation systems and rainwater harvesting solutions. By incorporating these eco-conscious elements, your landscape will not only be visually stunning but also contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Yes, a well-thought-out landscape design can be flexible and adaptable. Your specialist Laguna designer can incorporate elements that allow for future expansions, additional features, a new pool, or changes in design preferences as your needs evolve over time. This ensures that your outdoor space remains functional and beautiful for years to come.

A masterplan, in the context of landscape design, is a comprehensive and detailed plan or blueprint that outlines the overall vision and layout for an outdoor space. It encompasses various elements such as plant selections, hardscapes, pathways, water features, and other design components. A masterplan serves as a guiding document that ensures all aspects of the landscape are harmoniously integrated, creating a cohesive and functional outdoor environment.

Construction drawings, often referred to as working drawings, are highly detailed and technical illustrations that provide precise instructions for the implementation of a landscape design plan. These drawings include specific measurements, material specifications, and construction details for various elements of the landscape, such as pathways, retaining walls, planting beds, and irrigation systems. They serve as a crucial guide for contractors and builders during the actual construction phase, ensuring that the design is executed accurately and to the highest standards.

Industry award-winning pools

Winners of SPASA Australia’s Best Pool and Spa Combination for 2023, Laguna stands as Melbourne’s foremost landscape design and pool construction company. With over 80 awards in the last six years, we’re your trusted professionals to bring your dream pool to life.

SPASA 2023
Australia's Best Pool & Spa Combination

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