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Pool Type: Infinity Pool & Spa
Pool Size: 8 x 3m

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About the project

Aiming to defy the norms of pool design, this revolutionary pool and spa in Melbourne redefines luxury outdoor architecture. Featuring an infinity edge that cascades over a dual-height wet-wall visible from the storey below, this pool and spa, engineered and constructed by Laguna is a show-stopping design marvel – pushing the envelope of what’s possible in luxury pool construction.

Designed by Neil Architecture, the bold, full-size rectangular pool spans 8 x 3 metres with an infinity edge that gracefully spills over a 3.5-metre wet wall. A raised 2 x 2 metre spa that offers views across the stunning backyard landscape. The selection of premium light grey ceramic pool tiles and the landscape with tiered garden beds enhances the aesthetic; while access to the pool with floating timber decking and natural stone seamlessly integrates with their surroundings.

At the core of this ambitious project was the ambition to craft a captivating outdoor retreat, encircled by whimsical gardens. This Laguna project represents technical mastery – creating a haven of tranquility and sophistication. The pool and spa assert their allure both from the home’s interior, through expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, and across the outdoor entertainment space, standing as the garden’s centrepiece.

Floating timber decking and a vertical feature wall adorned with rosemary creepers elevate the atmosphere of luxury and relaxation. The pool tiles contrast strikingly with the lush green trees that line the edge of the pool area, enhancing seclusion and providing cooling shelter from the summer sun. The innovative wet wall design and sunken pit skilfully eliminate the need for conventional pool fencing ensuring unobstructed views of this breathtaking waterscape.

This Laguna pool and spa, crafted alongside Neil Architecture’s vision was constructed with precision, creating a bold statement of innovation and opulence. 

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