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Partnering with Laguna

Expertly Combining Creativity & Craftsmanship

Working with homeowners, leading architects, landscape designers and construction companies, Laguna is renowned for bringing even the most daring and complex pool designs to life.

Industry leaders, we possess an expert ability to craft beautiful bespoke pools that are luxurious, functional and environmentally responsible.

Backed by a legacy of over 800 exceptional projects, our strategic and detailed approach to pool building guarantees tailored, truly unique and high-quality outcomes that redefine luxury.

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About Us

Over the past six-years, Laguna has garnered 80+ industry awards, solidifying our position as a leader in landscape design and pool construction.

These prestigious accolades, including ten SPASA awards in 2023, reflect our commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, design, and quality built custom concrete pools.

A Laguna infinity pool and spa with sparkling blue water overlooking the cliff face

trusted in the industry

At Laguna, we collaborate with architects, project managers, designers and builders to create custom, complex swimming pools and spas. 

We provide a dedicated in-house team to expertly manage each project from initiation to completion. By prioritising clear communication and an exceptional customer experience, we ensure that all clients and partners are fully informed and engaged with every development on the projects we manage.

We work with some of Melbourne’s largest and most-respected industry experts.

Why Laguna?

With over 50 years of combined experience, Laguna has honed its craftsmanship and cultivated enduring relationships with its industry partners. This allows us to offer luxurious, functional, innovative and environmentally responsible pools – backed by a legacy of over 800 exceptional projects.

Our goal is to deliver pools that rival those seen in the world’s best resorts. To achieve this we are committed to going above and beyond on every project and in every aspect of our service including:

Precision in Pool Design

Working with us ensures optimal design and construction of your pool design. By utilising the latest 3D visualisation and rendering technology, we create immersive virtual walk-throughs that allow us to enhance the pool’s architectural impact. This approach ensures that every aspect of the client’s needs and requirements are considered, with meticulous attention to detail to ensure no element is overlooked.

In-House Construction Excellence

At Laguna, we keep all construction in-house allowing us complete control over communication, equipment selection, costs, scheduling and quality. Our specialist team have earnt us the reputation for bringing the most complex pool designs to life. We are the team you can trust to perfectly execute any vision.

Expert Project Coordination

Our seasoned team and site supervisor streamline communication and coordination throughout all projects. Equipped to tackle complex challenges, they ensure the seamless execution of the project’s vision from start to finish by utilising world-class project management software.

Our Approach

Our process begins with a comprehensive design phase, during which we create initial sketches, detailed plans, and immersive 3D visualisations. This ensures that every aspect of the design and construction is aligned with the vision and budget. The final pool specifications, including equipment and sustainability options are then refined before construction commences.

Given the complexities of pool construction, partnering with a trustworthy company is crucial. Our collection of over 80 industry awards attests to our consistent success in delivering high-calibre projects for our clients.

Whether it’s constructing rooftop pools in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, crafting plunge pools on the precipice of a cliff, or developing large-scale luxury pools, our expertise and capabilities address even the most complex acoustic, hydraulic, compliance, and engineering challenges.

We tailor our approach to meet your specific needs, providing assurance that every aspect of the project is managed with the utmost precision and to the highest standards – empowering us to not only meet but exceed the anticipated outcomes.

Customer & partner Testimonials

Nothing speaks more to our success than testimonials from those who have experienced our collaborative projects firsthand. Our industry partners and clients consistently praise our ability to transform visions into reality, providing not just a pool, but a centrepiece of leisure and beauty that enhances their property and lifestyle.

Explore these success stories to see the difference a Laguna pool can make, crafted in close collaboration with our trusted partners.

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Partner, Trinity Architects

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Client, Kew Project

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Partner, Simon McCurdy Landscapes

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Client, Hampton Project

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Explore our portfolio of award-winning custom pool and landscape designs and find inspiration for your own dream project. Each project has been created exclusively for its residents, with no two ever the same.