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Courtyard Pools

Experience a Laguna Courtyard Pool

The perfect pairing of luxury and space-saving design, a courtyard pool instantly elevates your home’s outdoor area into a relaxing, opulent haven. Our small courtyard pool designs are far superior in aesthetics and functionality to a fibreglass pool or spa and are custom-built to your specifications and needs.

Maximise your courtyard’s appeal and make no compromises on creating your dream outdoor living space with one of our courtyard pools in Melbourne. Discover how our approach to small courtyard pools redefines luxury and delivers an elegant swimming solution for home’s short on space.

Browse our premium, award-winning, custom courtyard pool projects around Melbourne, Bayside, Mornington Peninsula and Regional Victoria, and be inspired by the endless possibilities for truly luxurious courtyard swimming pools today.

What is a courtyard pool?

A small courtyard pool is a pool that functions much like a full-size pool but on a far more compact scale. Akin to a courtyard plunge pool, these pools can be easily heated or cooled and require minimal upkeep thanks to their size and clever engineering.

Designed and built to perfectly suit your courtyard’s dimensions, they allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a pool in a small area. When designed and installed with landscaping also incorporated, they allow you to create a resort-worthy sanctuary mere steps from your door.

Why Choose A Concrete Courtyard Pool?

If you’ve considered a pool in our courtyard but felt it was an impossibility due to accessibility and the logistics involved with lifting in a fibreglass shell, a custom concrete pool is the perfect solution.

At Laguna, our courtyard pool builders expertly install your pool within the boundary of your courtyard to a completely customised design. This optimises the space and gives you more flexibility in pool shape, size depth and more, ensuring you can achieve your perfect pool.

A Lifetime Of Luxury To Enjoy

Each of our custom concrete pools is crafted using premium materials sourced through top-tier suppliers. This guarantees the delivery of a courtyard pool built to the highest standards, ensuring optimal longevity of your investment and priceless peace of mind.  

Laguna Guarantees

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Experience The Laguna Difference

Servicing Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs, we possess a well-earned reputation for excellence that is backed by years of experience and several industry awards. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to extraordinary outcomes continue to drive us and set us apart.

With every build expertly managed by our small but highly talented team, Laguna sets new standards for luxury with every pool we install. Offering premium services in courtyard pool design and construction, our customer care is also second to none.

If you’re ready to upgrade your courtyard with a pool, Laguna is the team you can trust to flawlessly execute your vision.

Industry award-winning pools

Winners of SPASA Australia’s Best Pool and Spa Combination for 2023, Laguna stands as Melbourne’s foremost landscape design and pool construction company. With over 80 awards in the last six years, we’re your trusted professionals to bring your dream pool to life.


Emphasising both beauty and practicality, we create custom-designed landscapes exclusively for you and your surroundings.