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Rooftop Pools

Experience a Laguna Rooftop Pool

Adding a custom rooftop pool design to a project or residence around Melbourne is a terrific way to utilise unused space, take advantage of property views, and add serious wow factor to your home. As custom concrete pool designers and builders, Laguna can design and build a luxury rooftop pool of your dreams – making the best use of available space while taking your lifestyle and budget into account.

We are proud to be Australia’s leading premium swimming pool designers and builders. Explore some of our award-winning Laguna roof top pool projects below.

What is a rooftop pool?

Rooftop swimming pools are pools built on top of roof slabs to save space on the ground level or improve the roof’s aesthetics. In terms of installation and structural requirements, rooftop pools differ from inground pools. When building a rooftop pool, extra attention must be taken to avoid leaks and associated roof construction issues, which is why it’s so important to choose a pool builder with expertise in engineering, experience in installation and a proven track record in delivering the very best in design and build, every single time.


Concrete swimming pools are well known for their incredible versatility. As custom concrete pool designers and builders, we can craft the pool of your dreams, including the perfect roof top pool. Our expertise includes everything from lap pools to exquisitely crafted rooftop pools in and around Melbourne. Explore our various rooftop pool projects below and elevate your swimming pool experience to new heights.


Construction of your new custom concrete Laguna swimming pool takes approximately 16 weeks from dig to completion. Read more about our build process and construction timeline.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rooftop Pools

Compared to an inground pool, rooftop pool construction is vastly more complex in terms of installation and structural requirements. To avoid damage to the building below caused by leaks, the weight of the pool and its water and other potential complications, a skilled engineer must be involved.

This, combined with the accessibility and site preparation challenges posed by rooftop swimming pool design and construction, typically makes them more expensive than traditional pools.

As a rule, rooftop pools are best suited to homes that have been designed and constructed with one in mind. This is due to the significant structural support that is needed to support the weight of the pool and the design features involved in protecting the building below from damage.

While it may be possible to install a rooftop pool on a pre-existing structure, an engineer will need to perform a detailed survey of the property to determine this. Additionally, some councils may have regulations on whether this is permitted in your area.

At Laguna, as specialist rooftop pool designers and builders with engineering experts on hand, we can advise on all of the above, delivering a custom rooftop concrete pool that sets new standards in luxury.

Each of our rooftop pools in Melbourne is built to exceptionally high standards and with unmatched attention to detail to ensure they are structurally sound and enviably luxurious.

While many of our pool installations can be completed in just 16 weeks, depending on the nature of your rooftop pool installation, a longer timeframe may be necessary. A more accurate estimate of what to expect regarding timelines will be provided with your quote and regular updates will be given throughout construction to keep you well informed.

Both large and small rooftop pool designs require a similar level of maintenance to what you’d expect of a traditional pool. This means regular running of the filtration system and proper balancing of pool chemicals to keep it clean and hygienic.

To aid in maintaining a cleaner pool without the need for significant manual exertion, every Laguna pool is equipped with an in-floor cleaning system. This system effectively agitates and lifts debris using jets of water from strategically placed nozzles on the pool floor. This facilitates easy capturing in the filtration system and minimal need for vacuuming.

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