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Summer Pool Care Tips

We have seen a huge jump in pools being built across the country and that means lots of new, first-time pool owners! With that in mind and the Xmas/New Year shutdown period upon us, we thought it would be great to share a couple of tips for keeping your pool looking swimmingly sparkly this summer!
  • Your Filtration system is best to be running at least 10-12 hours per day in the peak of summer to ensure it stays on top of the increased pool use
  • With higher water temperature (especially when it’s above 28C) and increased pool use comes an increased demand on the pool’s filtration and sanitation systems. Sunscreen, body oils and perhaps some other fluids, add up over a day and can make the water cloudy and reduce your sanitiser levels, so it is a great idea to run your pool overnight after a busy day of use to give it a chance to recover, this should have you waking up to a sparkling pool ready for a new day.
  • If we get some Summer rain this will dilute your water chemistry and the pollutants in the rain can reduce sanitiser levels so it’s a good idea to visit your pool shop for a water test after a rain event to re-balance your water chemistry ASAP
  • Stay safe! Keep your eyes on the kids at all times, limit Alcohol consumption around pools, it only takes a moment for tragedy to strike and please don’t prop your pool gate open no matter how annoying it may get going in and out all day
  • Enjoy! It’s been a crazy 2 years so be present with friends and family, soak up the sun and relax during this restful period with loved ones

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