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For thousands of years the hypersaline Dead Sea has been visited by people seeking its therapeutic and healing properties for the purpose of improving various skin conditions and for relaxation.

The Australian-first Mineral Swim system by Maytronics combines the science of salts and minerals from the Dead Sea with a natural purification system to bring therapeutic, healthy and crystal-clear water to your swimming pool.

Maytronics has found a way to reduce chlorine levels by up to 80% while achieving superior sanitisation without the irritation and pain sometimes caused by exposure to chlorine and other harsh chemicals.

This infusion of mineral-rich water and natural sanitation brings an abundance of natural health benefits and relaxation properties right to your home, including:

  • Reduced chlorine levels to create a healthier, more enjoyable swimming experience for your family
  • Mineral-rich water that will relax, detoxify and moisturise skin
  • Ideal for sensitive skin, allergies, psoriasis, eczema and asthmatics
  • Odour-free, no red eyes or irritated skin
  • Protects your existing pool equipment
  • No need to shower after use and no need to wash your swimwear.

    Dermatologists and biochemists around the world agree on the calming and healing effects of magnesium on sensitive skin, with the ancient act of balneotherapy (bathing in natural mineral-rich water) still regularly recommended for sufferers of eczema.

    “When building our pool, we upgraded to the Maytronics Mineral Swim. We are so glad that we did, as the system is simply amazing! The water is beautiful, doesn’t have that chlorine smell or feel, and you come out thinking you have been swimming in fresh water.”
    Dean | Williamstown

    “My daughter, Eva who suffers from eczema and sensitive skin, recently swam in a pool with Mineral Swim and she didn’t even need to shower afterwards. The water was so much more gentle on her skin and it actually felt softer and more hydrated afterwards.”
    – Natalie | Brisbane

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