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Pool Type: Recreational Lap Pool
Pool Size: 8×2.5m

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Home Builder

Provan Built




2018 SPASA National Awards of Excellence
GOLD – Innovative Project
2018 SPASA Victoria Awards of Excellence
GOLD – Best Innovative Pool or Spa


About the project

Nestled within the architectural setting of a modern Melbourne property in Toorak, this Laguna-built recreational lap pool transforms a sleek, suburban space into a refined aquatic escape. The pool, measuring 8.2 x 2.5 meters, is characterised by its linear, clean design and cool grey concrete materials, creating a serene, mirror-like surface that reflects its structured surroundings. This design is a testament to Laguna’s ability to merge functional needs with aesthetic elegance.

Faced with the challenge of integrating a lap pool into a limited outdoor area, the clients required a solution that not only provided a space for fitness and leisure but also complemented the modern aesthetic of their home. Starting from the secluded garden pathway lined with vibrant greenery and leading to the pool deck, the entire area is designed to enhance the home’s entertainment and living spaces.

Emphasising sharp, geometric lines, the Laguna team created a pool that not only serves as a striking focal point but also maximises the available space, maintaining essential utility areas around the home. The sophistication of the project lies in its minimalistic theme, which extends to every element – from the bespoke concrete walls that ensure privacy and tranquility, to the meticulously crafted deck and strategic planting. The pool’s dimensions and the quality of its construction reflect Laguna’s commitment to bespoke design and excellence in engineering.

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