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Pool Type: Recreational Infinity Pool & Spa
Pool Size: 13 x 4m

Price Range



Home Builder



Dan Piper Gardens


Bisazza M 20.77


2019 SPASA State Awards of Excellence
GOLD – Pool of the Year
2019 SPASA State Awards of Excellence:
GOLD – Best Residential Concrete Pool and Spa Combination
2019 SPASA State Awards of Excellence:
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Best Residential Concrete Pool over $100,000
2019 SPASA National Awards of Excellence:
GOLD – Concrete Pool Builder of the Year


About the project

We were lucky to have a previous client who was making a sea change to a truly unique property on the Bellarine Peninsula, high atop the site of the Scotchmans Hill Vineyard. The scale of the project was epic, a vulnerable open site, exposed to the harsh elements of Bass Strait and Port Phillip bay. The house build was detailed and precise, coupling outstanding finishes with modern energy sustainable products such as rammed earth and local stone.

The pool itself needed to complement the home and capture the unique nature of the property. With views abundant, the visual impact of the pool was critical and size and WOW factor required to sit alongside the vast and imposing home. The clients required a pool and spa that suited their family, three young energetic boys always entertaining and socialising with friends and family. A sizeable spa, spacious shallow beach area and full length bench seat, the static use of the pool is covered without decreasing the generosity of the main pool area. Its heated by a large 38kw electric heat pump, designed to keep up with the demands of a large pool, with the gas boost a welcomed addition if the weather changes quickly.

Equipped with all the mod cons of luxury pools, the functionality has all the bases covered. And as for the design, an innovative and skilful detail of full length rolled wet edge seamlessly integrating with the knife edge wet deck gutter abutting the beautiful decking provides a next level result when it comes to design. The balance tank and gutter system has been carefully designed with displacement calculations critical in the hydraulic function of this pool.

Millimeter perfect tiling with premium glass mosaic Bisazza tiles is the cream on top for this amazing pool. The images captured, show a vast range of views and angles, that change quickly amongst the temperamental environment. One moment the pool is a sheet of glass, then the slightest of breezes causes the water to shimmer as if it were dancing. The backdrop plays a major part of the wonder of this house and pool. Sunrises, sunsets, storms and ships, each day is different and it would be easy to be captivated pool side taking in the sights.

It was a pleasure to be part of this joint venture between a great client, professional builder and landscape contractor. The process was patient, planned and well executed. High quality project coordination and a respectful approach to integrating all elements of the project played a critical role in ensuring the result was a life changing experience for the client.

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