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Summer in Melbourne was a little cooler, and a little wetter than normal this year, so it feels like autumn has arrived before summer even really began. We spent most of this sunny season wondering when the real Aussie hot, dry weather was going to kick in – but here we are, already in Autumn. Maybe it’s La Nina, or maybe it’s Covid? We can’t be certain, but one thing we do know for sure is that summer is over, and all that beautiful but messy leaf fall that comes with autumn is well and truly on its way!

“Regularly spending some time making sure your pool is looking as it should throughout the cooler months and  equipment is operating correctly will save you a much bigger job later on, right when you are ready to start using the pool again,” says Dave our pool care expert.

To ensure you are prepared for the change in season, read our top tips from the Laguna Pool Care team to keep your pool in pristine condition during Autumn.

Tip 1 – Clean your pool more regularly to remove autumnal leaves and other debris

TIp 2 – Use your pool cover more often to prevent leaves and debris causing damage to your skimmer, uncovering at least once a week to allow the pool to breathe

Tip 3 – As the weather gets cooler, reduce filtration hours to no less than four hours a day, or in salt pools, you can consider reducing the chlorine output.

Tip 4 – Perform a weekly check on your pumps to ensure they are running correctly

Tip 5 – If you’re not sure what to do, make sure you reach out to a pool maintenance professional to come and assess your pool.

If you have any specific questions regarding the maintainance of your pool, please contact our Pool Care team on 1300 141 487 or 

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