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Pool Type: Recreational Pool
Pool Size: 10 x 2.5m

Price Range


Webster Architecture & Interiors


Home Builder

Mazzei Homes


Nathan Burkett Design NBLA



2020 SPASA Australia State Awards of Excellence:
Highly Commended – Concrete Pool up to $100,000
2020 SPASA Victoria Awards of Excellence:
HIGHLY COMMENDED – Best Residential Courtyard/Plunge Pool


About the project

The very definition of collaboration is “people working together to create something”. On show here is that very sentiment. From initial design through to expert delivery, this architectural home has a deliberate connection with the outside space. The house takes up the majority of the land available, therefore the complimentary garden and outdoor living required clever and meticulous attention towards maximising the space.  The visual impact of the pool is central to the main living areas of the home, water seemingly lapping against the windows providing a constant relationship. 

In an otherwise uncreative space, the pool has been integrated into the home with consideration for all things spatial. Limiting the pool fence by using the main structure, allows the space to seem more abundant and valuable. This also allows the visual element to shine, whether it be in full sun or dappled evening glow, the pool works as one with the rest of the property.

A striking color palette and softening greenery, allow this contemporary, yet timeless combination of materials elevate the pool to the next level. The seamless way the pool, garden and house amalgamate as one is a reflection of the professional commitment to precision and thoughtfulness from all involved. A perfect example of a swimming pool being functional and stunning in any space.

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