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This month we speak with Dave O’Brien, Co-Founder of Australia’s critically acclaimed, no.1 Best Fitness Business: ‘5th Element Wellness’ in Fitzroy North, Melbourne. We explore the benefits of Cold Therapy, how we can utilise any cold-water source to improve our overall health and wellbeing, from ice baths or the ocean, to your very own Laguna Pool.

As a personal trainer and wellness coach for over 20 years, Dave is making big waves in the health and wellbeing sector. As a Certified Wim Hof Instructor, and Diagnostic Practitioner, Dave is a guru when it comes to helping people to feel amazing!

Community Ice Bath 5th Element Fitness

Dave’s holistic philosophy centres around 5 key elements of health and wellbeing – Gut Health, Community, Food, Resilience & Good Stressors. This last element, ‘Good Stress’, isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Dave advocates the benefits of positive stress, and how Cold Therapy can help to transform overall health and wellbeing, improving chronic ailments such as fatigue, poor circulation, and sluggish metabolism.

Cold Therapy has really gained popularity in recent years and is proving to be a vital part of overall wellness. There is growing, substantial evidence to suggest that this type of good stress, in small doses, can have many advantages

Cold Therapy:

    • Super Charges your Immune System 
    • Positively Impacts Depression
    • Improves the Lymphatic System
    • Reduces Body Fat and Inflammation 
    • Improves Circulation

What is cold therapy?

Cold Therapy has been used for hundreds of years and across many ancient cultures. In the most basic sense, it involves full body immersion in cold water to activate the body’s natural healing process. There are an increasing number of community ice baths and cold tubs available such as the 5EW Cold Tub – but you don’t necessarily have to leave home in order to reap the benefits.

Giving it a go at home – 

Dave suggests easing yourself into cold therapy, and one way to do this is by simply replacing your typically hot morning shower, with a cold one – that’s right, no touching the hot water tap! Start with 1 minute, and over the period of a week, increase the duration to 1.5 minutes. The body will start to adjust to the temperature after 1.5 minutes. This is when your body’s natural reaction will start to trigger your own immune system to create a positive stress response.

How does it work? 

Cold therapy stimulates white blood cells and that helps you deal with bad bacteria and pathogens. Ice baths help to bring down inflammatory proteins and stop your body from producing anti-inflammatory compounds to deal with this. Therefore, bringing down the inflammatory load.

Use your Swimming Pool – 

Another great way to incorporate Cold Therapy into your health routine is to use your Laguna Pool during the colder months! Dave believes this is better than a simple cold shower as you can fully immerse your body in the cold water. Full body immersion targets your neck, chest, and midline where your thyroid, organs, and adrenal glands will benefit most. Again, Dave suggests that you start off with one a minute, and gradually build up.

Did you know that Tony Robbins starts every day with an ice-cold bath? Filling up your bath with cold water, and even adding ice is another way you can reap the benefits of cold therapy.

Even if you begin with only lowering your skin temperature briefly, you can still activate your body’s natural healing powers and, according to Dave O’Brien, the results will speak for themselves!

Find out more about Dave O’Brien and 5th Element Wellness –

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