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Laguna Pools


“I have found over the course of my 16-year career in the AFL that the best way to recover week-to-week is to get moving as quickly as possible. That, coupled with water immersion, has proven to be my most effective method to get over the aches and pains associated with both training and playing at the elite level. And, as an aging athlete, this recovery process has never been more important.

In years gone by I would have to go to a local aquatic centre or beach to get this done, which meant time spent in transit getting to and from these venues, as well as braving the elements that come with the colder seasons in Melbourne. But now, that amenity is in my own backyard.

Installing a salt-chlorinated Laguna pool towards the end of 2015 has made it possible for me to step outside at any time of the day, any time throughout the year to get my active water recovery done in an efficient, time effective and convenient way.

Depending on my level of soreness and my recovery needs, I could be in the pool 3-4 times per week, even during the winter months. Coincidence or not … 2016 was a hugely successful year in my football career. I was able to play 24 out of 26 possible games, including the drought-breaking Premiership win for our footy club. I’m not sure that my body would have held up to the high demands of the home and away season, and brutal finals campaign without the added recovery measures that I was able to put in place thanks to the addition of the pool to our backyard.”

– Matthew Boyd: Former Western Bulldogs player, 289* games, 2016 AFL Premiership player, 2016 All Australian

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