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With the sun setting earlier and the window of daylight shorter, winter is the perfect time to introduce lighting to help bring your garden to life at night.

Our friends at Gardens at Night are the lighting experts and are here help us make the correct
selection of light fittings for any space.

Director and owner of GAN, Blair, says “Landscape Lighting is the finishing touch that links your home and garden seamlessly so you can enjoy your garden all-year-round. Lighting not only integrates
indoors to out; it balances safety and practicality whilst highlighting architectural features and natural
beauty within your garden.”

Firstly, consider how your space will be used both day and night. Walk around your garden and make a note of any changes in levels you’ll need to light for safety. It’s important to also consider where your lights will be powered from.


Lighting the changes in levels on decking or steps into your garden can be achieved with Step Lighting and Path lighting.


Before you start lighting up your firepit and toasting those tasty marshmallows, you may like to consider lighting your seating area. You can create a soft illumination and ambience with Linear or Step lights. Low level lighting under benches can soften edging or define a curved bench seat. Linear lighting is a compact and flexible solution for curved seating projects and can be installed on concrete, masonry or timber. It also helps to visually define and lengthen your space.


You don’t have to limit using your barbeque or cooking station to Summer. It’s easy to add overhead lights, wall lighting and surface mounted lights to help create the right amount of illumination. The use of lights that can be angled will also help you direct your light to the desired position. Alternatively, you can create a soft atmosphere for your alfresco and dining area by selecting glare free lighting.


Defining the perimeters of your outdoor space is also used as a technique to highlight and enhance features from inside to your outside space. Using accent or (spike) lighting to define boundaries can help to create outdoor ‘rooms’ and add depth. Accent lights are also perfect for uplighting a variety of
features within your garden such as a large feature tree.

Get in touch with Gardens at Night for a complete solution for your outdoor space.

Gardens at Night Showroom Malvern

1316 Malvern Road, Malvern
t. 03 9824 4937

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