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A considerable amount of planning goes into our Laguna Pools photo shoots, which are expertly shot by the team at Urban Angles. Drones have made it possible to capture an impressive birds-eye view of a pool sans helicopter. This month we celebrate our most impressive Laguna Pools, from above. Once on location they have to consider the fly-zone, the weather and the surroundings to get these impressive drone shots, all whilst working in with Melbourne’s unpredictable and often windy weather!


This coastal location on the Mornington Peninsula is now home to a breathtaking Laguna Pool and Spa. As part of a rear-property makeover, the swimming pool design is considerate of its surroundings and perfectly proportioned within the property. As the backyard slopes away from the stunning family home, the pool holds maximum visual impact and is especially impressive when uplit in the evening.


The opportunity to bring this unique and challenging design to life was one of immense satisfaction. The client’s desire for something special was realised through a strong connection between design intent and a commitment to execute the finest in swimming pool construction. 


A unique and complex build, part of a newly constructed architectural home in the heart of Melbourne, provided us with a challenging, yet exciting project. Built on a small block harboured with bluestone laneways and neighbouring properties in close proximity, the structural and logistical obstacles were overcome with precise consideration. 


We were lucky to have a previous client who was making a sea change to a truly unique property on the Bellarine peninsula, high atop the site of the Scotchmans Hill Vineyard. The scale of the project was epic, a vulnerable open site, exposed to the harsh elements of Bass Strait and Port Phillip bay. The house build was detailed and precise, coupling outstanding finishes with modern energy sustainable products such as rammed earth and local stone.


A captivating Laguna Pool sits proudly along the length of this pituresque Yarra Valley home. Nothing captures the scale or complexity of our pools better than the view from above.  

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