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We recently sat down with Shaun Clancy, founder and director of Clancy Constructions in Melbourne, to discuss all things construction, core values and his calling as a family man.

As a registered builder with great vision, Shaun leads Clancy Constructions with a raw and unapologetic passion for sophisticated and refined results, alongside a commitment to personalised project management and client consultation. The result – construction in a class of its own.

Starting out as a green but enthusiastic carpenter with a taste for quality workmanship, Shaun took perhaps his greatest risk, and started Clancy Constructions. As they say “with great risk, comes great reward” – and the reward in this case, has certainly been great.

For 16 years, the Clancy Constructions ethos has been to provide innovative, considered design, and sophisticated artistry along with a client focused, collaborative approach to each project. For Shaun and the Clancy team, every finish is treated as though it is to go in their own home, which is reflected in their exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship.

With an unwavering belief in quality over quantity, Clancy Constructions has matured over the years, adjusting to the market, always focusing on the customer experience.  According to Shaun, you will not find Clancy Constructions paying for advertising, because, quite simply, they operate based on quality referrals and recommendations – and that’s exactly the way they like it.

Reflecting on what has been perhaps the most challenging aspect of running one’s own business, Shaun recalls the common underestimation of specific business acumen which is required not only to run a small business, but also to grow one. Underpinning the success behind this inspiring family business is the notion that “we do this as a team”.  Adapting quickly to these needs, Shaun has grown from a sole operator, to running a team of at times up to 20 registered builders, carpenters, apprentices, and administrators. Project Managers, Contract Administrators, Site Managers, Carpenters and Labourers.

Ever humble, Shaun is not one to gloat about his successes, though they are both extensive, and impressive. In fact, when asked what his greatest achievement to date is, the answer was nothing to do with award winning designs or doubling growth within a few short years. For Shaun, his greatest success circles around meeting his goals to provide for his family, to be present at family breakfast every Thursday, to do school pickups, and to spend quality time together on weekends.

A keen motorbike rider and fan of functional fitness, Shaun has struck the right chord to balance the commitment and pressure that comes from directing Clancy Constructions, with a healthy, family-friendly lifestyle.

We look forward to following Shaun and the team’s journey and continue to be inspired by the high quality, precision and detail for which Clancy Constructions now has a solid and well-deserved reputation.

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