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So you know you want a pool but now it’s time to decide which type of pool is the right choice for your needs. There are a fair few different types of pools out there these days, when choosing the right one for you there are few things you should consider which will help you determine which pool is ‘the one’. 


Lap pools are a great choice when you’re short on space, or after a pool to suit your fitness needs.  Lap pools are long, narrow and rectangular and can be installed both below and above ground. When installing a lap pool it’s important to consider the space you’re working with, with new home builds on ever decreasing land sizes, it’s often worthwhile to plan your lap pool design concurrently with your home design. Lap pools work well down the side of gardens and homes as they’re often narrow, allowing around 9-12 metres is still sufficient length to be able to get a good swim stroke pace going.  Our concrete pools are fully customisable, so even though lap pools might seem narrow, there is still the ability to include steps or a shallow beach area or even spa jets within the lap pool.


Plunge pools are a great choice if your focus is on relaxation, they often feature built-in seating and often even spa jets. Plunge pools are a great way to sit back, relax and unwind and fit well into smaller spaces. It’s important to keep in mind with plunge pools that you have a lot less room to move meaning swimming, exercise and water activities are limited.


Infinity pools are a magical addition to any backyard, infinity pools are often associated with luxury hotels and holidays, they’re picturesque and truly premium. You may know infinity pools as horizon, wet edge and wet deck pools. A beautiful feature you can add to your infinity pools is allowing the pool or spa to overflow one or multiple edges into balance tanks creating jaw-dropping views and premium details. 

If you’re after luxury an infinity pool is a great option but it’s important to consider the size of the property, your budget and how you intend for your pool to be used. Infinity pools can often be a costly choice, requiring a large space and more overall planning. 


Concrete pools are often a great solution when you’re restricted by things like space, time and budget. Laguna Pools’s prefabricated concrete options can be ready in a much shorter time frame than other pool types, we have 4 prefabricated concrete pool styles that can be ready in days, not months. If you’re after something more unique to you and your space Laguna offers custom concrete pools as well. We are a multi-award-winning designer and builder of custom concrete pools working alongside top architects, designers and builders to make your dreams come true. You can learn more about our custom concrete pools here. 


Spas are a great choice if you’re after relaxation and a feature that can be used all year round, they’re versatile and can be added to your home as a stand-alone feature or added to your swimming pool. Many people find that spas are great value for money as they can be used year round, as well as the  therapeutic benefits they offer whilst still adding a touch of luxury.


Budget, Space, Time, functionality, maintenance and intended use are all things that you should consider with any of the above options. This is a basic guide, our team at Laguna Pools are experts with a wealth of knowledge on all things pools, which is why we suggest consulting with one of our team members to discuss the perfect option for your needs. Our team will take into consideration every factor to ensure you make a perfect choice and are given all the information to successfully manage your pool. You can learn more about our pool and landscape design here

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