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Have you ever considered turning your pool into a money-making paradise? 

Meet Swimply – an innovative platform that provides an exceptional opportunity to transform your pool into a profitable asset by sharing it with your local community.

By hiring your pool out to interested guests, you can cover your maintenance expenses or just earn some extra cash. Either way, in today’s economic climate, what better way than to cover some of these additional costs? 

Whether you opt for hourly or daily rentals, you retain full control over your pool’s availability with the ability to personally approve or decline booking requests.

How much can I charge for my pool?

Average rates for hire range from $40 to a whopping $150 per hour depending on the size of your pool and amenities you’re offering.

Enhancing your guest experience with added perks is a fantastic way to elevate your listing. These perks, known as amenities, encompass a wide range of offerings, from essentials like towels and pool floats to luxuries like spas, fire pits, and saunas. Some hosts go the extra mile by offering specialised packages for occasions like birthday celebrations or romantic getaways. You have the flexibility to configure amenities as complimentary or chargeable on an hourly or flat rate basis.

Guests searching for the perfect pool can also narrow down their options by filtering for listings with specific premium amenities. While setting up your amenities, you can choose from those that are commonly available. Additionally, you have the freedom to create “custom amenities” at the bottom of your page, allowing you to offer unique and personalised extras.

It’s essential to note that none of your amenities should involve the provision of alcohol, as this would void your insurance policy. Guests are welcome to bring their own alcohol in compliance with your established rules and guidelines.

For more information visit Swimply.

How does Swimply work?

Making your pool available for hire on Swimply is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    1. List your pool.
      Upload impressive pictures of your pool and entertainment area, set your hourly rate and determine your pool rules.
    1. Accept bookings. 
      Review booking requests from swimmers in your local community and approve or decline them at your discretion.
    1. Receive payment.
      Secure payments are guaranteed by Swimply within 24 hours after a completed reservation. They will be sent directly into your nominated bank account.

How do I set up my Swimply listing?

Setting up your Swimply listing is key to your success as a host. Below are some helpful tips!

    • Photos: Impress swimmers with 10 stunning pool photos that showcase your space.
    • Pricing: Set competitive rate by researching nearby successful pools. You could try listing yours at a slightly lower price to attract more swimmers.
    • Instant book: Boost earnings by enabling instant bookings. Pools with it earn 50% more.
    • Advance notice: Capitalise on last-minute bookings by setting an advance notice of one hour or less on your listing.
    • Cancellation policy: Increase bookings with a flexible cancellation policy. Learn about the benefits here.
    • Max guests: Earn 40% more revenue by accommodating up to 20 guests. Bigger groups = a bigger payday.
    • Allowing pets and kids: Welcome pets and kids to your pool as families are top Swimply users.
    • Title and description: Ensure your title and description spark interest after photos.
    • Bathroom access: Pools with bathroom facilities earn 3 x more.
    • Verification: Build trust by verifying your profile as a Swimply host.
    • Availability: Make the most of peak times and holidays by keeping your calendar open during these times.
    • Social Media: Utilise Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Google My Business to further enhance the visibility of your pool within the local community.

By following these steps, you’ll set your listing up for hosting success and start earning extra cash while sharing your pool paradise.  

Is it safe for hosts and guests?

There are community guidelines, Swimply commitments, and pool safety tips and information for guests and hosts that are important to familiarise yourself with and understand prior to becoming a host and hiring out your pool.

This includes account and listings accuracy, secure payments, water safety resources, background checks on hosts, pool maintenance, safety equipment, and pool safety best practice guidelines including signage, fences, and self-closing gates.

Further, with the Swimply Protection Guarantee, hosts and guests are covered for up to $2,000,000 in the event that a guest is injured during a Swimply reservation. Hosts are also eligible for up to $10,000 if a host’s pool or property is damaged.

Ready to go?

Download the app today for Apple or GooglePlay and start making the most out of your pool today!

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