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Pool Type: Infinity Pool & Spa
Pool Size: 10.8 x 4.6 m

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Home Builder



The Pool Tile Company
CMC417 Ash Grey
Black Glass Mosaic GM20.77



About the project

Set against an Ivanhoe East backdrop, this pool, encased in bold, black Bisazza tiles along its full-perimeter wet-deck knife-edge and raised spa, is a reflection of Laguna’s high quality craftsmanship and innovation in every detail. Distinguished by SPASA’s Climate Care Certification, it merges sustainability with luxury, standing as a showcase of design elegance and environmental responsibility. This pool is not just a feature, but the heart of an entertainer’s paradise.

Envisioned as a multifunctional outdoor retreat, the client aimed to transform their backyard into a vibrant hub for both relaxation and social gatherings. Initially tasked with restoring the existing pool, Laguna identified the need for a new build to more effectively meet the family’s requirements while embracing environmentally conscious features.

The resulting 10.8 x 4.6-metre pool, complete with a raised spa, was designed for minimal environmental impact and integrates seamlessly with COS Design’s reimagined garden landscape. The striking black tiles around the sleek wet deck knife edge impart a contemporary flair, while the turquoise waters harmonise beautifully with the light grey paving and lush garden surrounds. Architectural and functional elements like the glass mosaic atop the spa and the full-width stepped entry exemplify the seamless integration of style and accessibility.

This Laguna creation, a collaboration with COS Design, showcases meticulous planning and execution, resulting in a space that is not only visually stunning but also a testament to sustainable luxury. It offers the homeowners a tranquil and sophisticated retreat, aligning perfectly with their vision of a luxurious yet environmentally conscious outdoor environment.

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