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Pool Type: Infinity Pool & Spa
Pool Size: 7 x 3.2m

Price Range



Home Builder



Alpine Light Grey
Ceramic Mosaic 47x47mm



About the project

Few things exude luxury quite like this. Perched atop the balcony of an exquisite Kew residence by Edition Office and Coben, this Laguna infinity courtyard pool and spa is decadent and inviting. With panoramic, unobstructed sunset views of Melbourne’s Yarra River from the pool and balcony, residents enjoy privacy and seclusion. Within the confines of a compact balcony, the ingeniously crafted Laguna pool and its captivating turquoise shimmer offer a stunning sculptural focal point visible from within the home.

The client entrusted Eckersley Gardens to transform the balcony into a serene outdoor space. The design aimed to enhance the interior views, provide a luxurious place for relaxation in the pool or built-in spa, and support a year-round swimming regimen. Laguna’s precise design, engineering, and construction expertise addressed the site’s unique challenges, resulting in functional elegance that surpassed the client’s expectations.

The thoughtful material selection, including light-grey Alpine ceramic mosaic tiles, reflects sunlight, enhancing the water’s turquoise hue. This choice, along with the pool’s alignment with the north-rear aspect, maximises views of enchanting sunsets. The design incorporates an 2 x 2m in-built spa, and a 7 x 3.2m pool with swimming area and beached section for diverse leisure experiences, alongside automated in-floor cleaning, and remote management, ensuring ease of maintenance. This approach not only aligns with the homes modern’s aesthetic but also prioritises functionality, creating a visually stunning and practical outdoor space that enhances the residents’ lifestyle.

The construction of this bespoke Laguna courtyard infinity pool and spa in a tight, sloped space with limited access required innovative engineering and meticulous planning. Its infinity edge features an intricate hydraulic system to ensure precise water management, a critical factor for efficient operation throughout the year. Additionally, accommodating the client’s request for an endless swim tether required customisation to match his physical dimensions, ensuring optimal training conditions.

The result is a stunning pool and spa that not only meets the client’s exacting standards but also makes a significant architectural impact. The pool and spa placement that spans the living area’s glazing creates an immersive experience of floating over the water.

This Laguna creation is a testament to the harmonious blend of aesthetics, functionality, and meticulous craftsmanship, offering a serene retreat that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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