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Pool Type: Infinity Recreational Pool
Pool Size: 12 x 5.5 m

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Home Builder



The Pool Tile Company
CMC305 Dark Grey



About the project

Nestled amidst the lush vineyards, this Climate Care Certified Laguna masterpiece redefines sustainable luxury in pool design. As the heart of a sophisticated pool house, this 12 x 5.5-metre pool showcases a full-perimeter wet deck knife edge, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The bespoke wide stepped entry and generous beached area accentuate the pool’s aesthetic and functional elegance, demonstrating Laguna’s prowess in seamlessly integrating luxury with sustainability.

The homeowner, a discerning builder with an eye for exceptional design, sought a pool that would act as the focal point of future home renovations. Laguna was the natural choice for this project, given their history of bespoke solutions and a previous successful collaboration on projects for the homeowner’s clients. The challenge was to create a pool that not only complements the architectural nuances of the new pool house with its pitched roof and expansive decking but also stands as a beacon of luxury and sustainability.

The design features striking dark grey ceramic tiles set against light-toned decking, crafting a contemporary yet timeless ambiance that harmonises with the rustic charm of its setting. The water’s glass-like clarity is achieved through advanced hydraulic planning and a state-of-the-art wet deck system. Practical features like the electric heat pump, automated in-floor cleaning, self-closing Sunbather security cover, and the Maytronics Ozone Swim system for enhanced water purity, ensure the pool is easy to maintain and enjoyable all year round.

This project not only adheres to the stringent standards set by Climate Care but also serves as a benchmark in pool design, marrying form and function with environmental ethics. This Laguna pool is not just a structure but a living expression of art, crafted by skilled hands and minds, setting new standards in the pool industry and exemplifying Laguna’s commitment to creating spaces where beauty and responsibility thrive together.

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