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Luxury Pools & Elevated Outdoor Living In Balwyn

Designing and crafting one-of-a-kind swimming pools in Balwyn, Laguna delivers new standards of luxury to your home. Exclusively offering custom-built concrete pools and high-end landscaping design, our team seamlessly integrates every aspect of your new pool into your space for unrivalled outcomes.

Embrace resort-style living sooner and experience unmatched service when you entrust your Balwyn swimming pool project to Laguna. No matter your available space or preferred style of pool, we have the skill and expertise necessary to bring your vision to life.

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Explore our Balwyn Pool Projects

Discover the possibilities for your home by browsing our curated Balwyn pools and landscaping gallery.

Enjoy A Custom Built Pool Unique To Your Home

Giving you complete creative control and precise outcomes, opting for a custom concrete pool by Laguna over a standard concrete or fibreglass pool is more than just a choice, its a smart investment.

Unlike pre-formed pools which can restrict your choices, our custom pools are built to not only reflect your unique needs and preferences, but to perfectly integrate within your existing space. Working with our pool designers, engineers and builders you can maximise your space and achieve your dream of a truly opulent pool

Dive Into Your New Pool Sooner With Laguna

Construction of your new custom concrete Laguna swimming pool takes approximately 16 weeks from dig to completion. Guaranteeing a streamlined and stress-free experience, we keep you informed and excited about your new pool throughout the build process.

Handling every aspect of the design, approvals and construction process, we pride ourselves on delivering rapid pool installations with zero compromises on quality.

Let’s Talk About Your Dream Pool In Balwyn

Backed by over 50 years of combined experience and the proud holder of several industry awards, Laguna has completed over 800 exceptional projects. Our wealth of knowledge in custom pool design and construction paired with our skills in landscaping design, positions us as the leader in luxury outdoor living spaces.

Committed to meticulous planning, craftsmanship and unmatched customer care, Laguna offers an experience unmatched elsewhere.

Bring luxury to your home, contact Laguna and start your journey today.

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Industry award-winning pools

Winners of SPASA Australia’s Best Pool and Spa Combination for 2023, Laguna stands as Melbourne’s foremost landscape design and pool construction company. With over 80 awards in the last six years, we’re your trusted professionals to bring your dream pool to life.

SPASA 2023
Australia's Best Pool & Spa Combination

Pools In Balwyn

Welcome to Laguna, your destination for exquisite pool and landscape design and luxurious custom concrete pools in Balwyn. Learn about the various pool types we can assist with through the following drop-downs or arrange a complimentary consultation today and turn your dream into a reality sooner.

The peak of luxury, infinity pools create the illusion of water extending infinitely toward the horizon, as water overflows over one or multiple edges. Allowing you to maximise any views, we design and craft our infinity pools to fit your space and elevate your home’s aesthetic.

Requiring the involvement of skilled designers and engineers, our team can expertly install a custom pool on your home’s rooftop without compromising structural soundness or safety. Tailored to the location and your preferences, rooftop pools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ideal for long, narrow spaces, our lap pools provide the perfect at-home escape for keen swimmers who crave private and opulent surroundings. With no hindrances in depth or length such as those posed by pre-formed pools, our concrete lap pools can be completely customised to suit you andyour Balwyn home.

Well-suited to compact spaces and courtyards, our plunge pools allow you to elevate your outdoor space and enjoy resort-style luxury on a condensed scale. Custom-building every pool on-site, accessibility and location type are no obstacles for our team, pick your ideal depth, shape and size and we’ll find the ideal plunge pool solution for your home.

A refreshing escape on scorching summer days or a tranquil haven for relaxation, round pools are easy-care and versatile. Tailored to fit snugly within any property, our round pools cater to a pool-centric lifestyle, even in limited spaces without requiring any compromises on luxury outcomes.

Enjoy swimming in your very own resort-style pool through all seasons of the year and from the comfort of your own home in one of our custom indoor pools. Able to design, craft and install your dream indoor pool to fit an existing space or as a component of a new build, we expertly bring your vision to life.

Transform your courtyard with an opulent courtyard pool designed and built by our expert team. Crafted on-site to meet your specifications, our custom courtyard pools offer exceptional flexibility and overcome any accessibility issues posed by pre-formed pools. We bring your dream pool to life, no matter the available space and with no compromises on luxury.

Elevate the luxury of your pool with the addition of an effortlessly integrated custom Laguna concrete spa and enjoy relaxing in style all year round. Featuring quality finishes and energy-efficient heating options, our spas contribute to a more versatile and enviably opulent outdoor living space that is suited to all seasons.